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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Automated E-mail Alert! And Here I Am.

It's bad when you get an automated email saying it's time to blog from some unknown, snooty server. What do they think, a computer knows my inefficiency better than I do? No. I realize I've been lax - but I've been writing! Ha! My kids are out of school and I've been going to the gym. Hey, I'm busy.

I've been thinking about books and how/why they skyrocket to fame. I need a niche market. Some untapped area that people want to read about. I missed the erotica by a year or so, missed the girl with an arrow by a few years, lovable vampires by a few more than that and wizards by over a decade. What will be next? Is there a trend?

Here's the thing -  the devil himself has lit a fire to every molecule of air outside my door. Hell has sucked the desert into its womb. Translation: It's hot. Can't expect too much when you've got a head full of boiling brains.

But it's summer and I love summer. The cicadas have invaded every branch of every tree within earshot and are buzzing me crazy. But the monsoons are on their way and so many delicious fruits are in season and God created popcorn and movies.

Let me know if you come up with a trend - or maybe I'll just watch you promote it on the news. Good Luck.

Am I all over the place, not making sense - Hello, it's hot!

Remember even through extreme heat you have to Love All.