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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Young Adult Book That Really Is For Kids!

Tomorrow a promotional newsletter to teachers is going out with a Moon Over Monsters review! It feels odd to have this book out on Kindle. It's the first time we've done that ... ebook out before the actual book has been printed. I feel as if I'm letting Christina down. But this is also the first time we've had such success with ebooks.

Moon Over Monsters is a story about a girl, Christina, who lives in LA. She's super smart and at 16 has just graduated from High School and is getting ready for UCLA in the fall. When her dreams start they're treats and a break from reality but when they start becoming more like visions Christina starts to  worry. She witnesses a boy battling a dragon and her scream crosses the continuum as the boy turns to look at her,  the dragon lunges.
Christina has a destiny that is stronger than her fight. And when her family is sent to Germany to cover a dragon sighting she slips into another realm. It's like nothing she ever thought existed. Elves, witches, trolls, dwarves and fairies populate a kingdom that has been bread to hate and fear humans. With the shield that protects their secret fading it is destiny that has her way.

I've spent years researching the YA genre and I really wanted a story that I could hand to my kids and not worry. It's a summer read for kids of all ages. The book edition will be out within the month. If you have kids ... check what their reading!

Are we sick of political ads, yet?  I am not going to let them ruin my summer! Because summer has started in this household. My girls are finished with their finals today and will spend the next week at school creating puppets. Puppets. Nothing like the sixth grade that I remember, in either the level of learning or the crazy last week. It's a great school and I cannot complain, nor do I want to.

Be safe.

Love All,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brothers & Sisters - Is A Mother's Love Equal?

Today is my mom's birthday. She's way old and I've spent 7.5 of the last 8 hours with her. Enough said.
I had to get that off my chest. And am I feeling better? Not really. But I've got a passport and I'm only mildly afraid to use it!

To real issues.
It's been almost two weeks since we had our FREEEE promotion and it was an overwhelming success! Now, because I am willing to play the game of life, we are lowing the price of both books to $.99 (Hey, who stole my cent button?) for three days! Starting May 11th! I know that authors can experience overwhelming sales by lowering the cost but ... I think those authors have a long line of books for readers to purchase and I have only three. We'll see and so will you! We've tried a few different advertisers and haven't seen much return on investment on those.  Next week we are going to be in a newsletter for kids promoting Moon Over Monsters. It's a great summer read - a book that you can feel comfortable letting your child read.

There is so much in the news lately and I have to tell you I always watch and don't always believe - however, the English double agent has captured my attention. Don't forget to check your backyard for oil, double check the drugs you're on, a prince of weather, another billion dollars wasted - you can't make this stuff up. Except for the cheating, lying politician story - that's old news even if it comes with a new face.

Well, I've got to get to my mommy's birthday party.

Be safe.

And remember to Love All,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fake Can Be A Great Alternative

I think the Tylenol, ibuprofen, the Benadryl and the caffeine from the Diet Coke are finally kicking in! And even though what I'm feeling is totally fake - it's better than how I woke up this morning. Fake isn't always better but I have to admit my fingers are flying over this keyboard, when an hour ago I was slumped in the sunshine. I wonder if a tanning bed would have served the same effect as the dose of chemicals. But maybe (here is my artificial light - lightbulb - moment) it is the fake things that are most addictive! New thoughts for my procrastinating ponder.
Speaking of fake ...
I'm going to have to open my mind to the possibility that some of my strong feelings about nothing could be wrong. I used to dislike seedless watermelon. How unnatural to de-seed such a beautiful fruit! What, are we smarter than God? But then (against my will) I tried the devil food – and it was not only delicious but totally convenient. Spitting isn't attractive. Now, to justify my turn of opinion ... It would be more of a sin not to take advantage of the tools we were given!
No one gets addicted to seedless watermelon! Go Team Seedless Watermelon!

I think humans are smart enough to fix anything in the world - if only we weren't so consumed with nonsense. If we could pick up our pants, put less sugar in ice cream, mute mean gossip, end selfishness, have kids that like to clean their room and receive a dollar for every lame political television ad we are subjected to ... life would be better! Someday I might miss those seeds, nostalgia that, I'm sure, will dissipate with the coming of summer melon season.

Hey, did you see the Tucson Lifestyle Author page? So nice.

I can't write how super cool it is to open email or FB and read a note from a reader. It makes me happy on the inside and motivates my work. Thanks to everyone - it's better than fake!!

Remember to be kind.

Love All,