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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revisiting 2011

An entire year over. Though in all honesty it wasn't the best year of my life and I'm looking forward to 2012. I can't completely knock the past 12 months - everyone is healthy, Second Chance was released and got really great reviews and I finished Moon Over Monsters. But I've got big plans for the coming year and I am refusing to look back – the goal is to learn from my mistakes, push forward and cross my fingers for a miracle. I don't think it's appropriate to pray for a want - one reason is because ... you know when you want something and then you get it and it doesn't quite measure up to the dream? Well, something along those lines. Plus, their are big problems in this world and I'd hate to use up a miracle for something I can truly live without. I'm not sure it works that way but I'm also not sure it doesn't.

What I am is grateful for all that I have and though it would be mind blowing and awesome to see Melanie and Adam up on the big screen ... No, it would be fantastic. And why not? Moon Over Monsters, too. I'll tell you what - I'll keep working hard and trying my best and then my totally unbelievable goals will be possible and when they come I'll have earned them. Right? Sounds like a reasonable plan. In the meantime I'll keep enjoying life just the way it is.

Best wishes to you and I hope all your dreams come true in 2012.

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Generation XX or XY?

It's been over a month since I've discussed the progress of book 3 -- I started at the end of September and struggled through October. I can't remember at what point I went for three times a charm but ... Hooray! I've back into the flow. It wasn't writers block but more like writers quicksand! I had to continue to look at the story from different angles to figure out a path that followed Melanie's style in a way that got me to my destination. Every time I thought I had it right -- the story wouldn't move.

Not now!

Today I was driving by a high school as it was letting out and I've got to say I don't have too much interaction with high schoolers - a couple of nephews but that group as a whole?? Let me just say I feel sorry for high school girls. But to be fair ... some of the kids I couldn't tell their gender. They were all wearing baggy jeans and graphic T's with shaggy, unwashed hair and Vans.

Is it me? Am I aging? Becoming my parents? What about the problem that seems to be surrounding me -- why is everyone mumbling? And how come I have to explain to my kids that Madonna isn't famous for being an author with a British accent?

It's raining and we're off to the orthodontist.

Be safe,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Commercials And Less Is More

Okay so I really like commercials. I would say I love them but there are too many that drive me nuts and I either have to immediately mute the show or completely change the channel. But a good commercial can change your life. When I find a gem ... I wait and watch. Sometimes (good but bad advertisement) I don't even know what they are trying to sell me. My mom loves anything with an animal and if they make it dance or add a monkey – gold. I have to admit I sort of like them, too. But not when they make the animal talk, I think it must be offensive to them. I do enjoy some of those local ones, you know what I'm talking about. They're so awful that they're captivating. Car commercials are boring and how much flooring can one city purchase?

Years ago it was a Hershey's commercial that had me wanting a candy bar for days. I know my girls have a list of items with marvelous commercials aimed exactly for their age and gender. I went to the store and looked at some of these ridiculous requests ... too bad you can't rent these toys and watch as your kids get bored in twenty minutes. But all these toys need is one really good holiday season.

So, cynical!

Well, my take on this holiday is Less Is More. I hope you finish your shopping and find all the great deals. Beware of talking dogs and dancing worms.

Best wishes,

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Art of Laughter

When Border's was closing and they were practically begging me to take books off their shelves I was searching for any book that had a review of "funny", "hysterical" – do I have to think of more or do you get the picture?
Anyway, I've gone through three - I've had very little time to read – and none have been funny or hysterical. I think books that make you happy are essential and would like to in some future time try my hand at 'hysterical'.
Ergo, I'm researching what makes someone, test subject = me, laugh. I'm devastated by these first samplings of supposed 'funny' books. You'll understand when I explain that I found a new book from an author that has made me laugh. I liked her, I really liked her. Guess what! Not funny. Worse than just not funny!

So, I asked myself ... Is it me? Have I lost my sense of humor? I can laugh with my mom all day for absolutely no given reason. Other than she's oddly funny. Have I watched 'Easy A' too many times? My dad was funny. Not just funny ha-ha but clever, insightful funny like Mark Twain (not Samuel Clemens who wasn't funny).

I want to laugh. Don't you?

I am going to divorce myself from all news media for a week and see if that helps.

So what is it that makes you laugh? Why was Janet Evanovich funny in the first 12 books and then lost her mojo for the next five (haven't read 18). Big mysteries of life. I want mojo ... even if I loose it after 12 books.

Oh, well - cheers to you and your own personal mojo!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pay Day!

So, I got my check from Warwick's! These are good days.

But what I really want to talk about is Christmas presents. I have decided to buy Made in America. I have two eleven year old girls ... what is made in America for them? My husband suggested dog collars – not for them to wear, duh – but to walk the dogs. Have you ever noticed how men come up with the oddest suggestions? It's like they try to be weird. But I think it just comes naturally. You have to placate them a little ... make them feel good about their ideas and then do whatever you want. And if you don't believe me, let me just say I've been married for 20 years! Crazy, since I only feel 23, but this is a story for another time.

Back to Made In America – I looked at clothes, toys, electronics, nothing. To make matters worse, today I had no choice (that I could find) but to buy foreign made holiday outdoor lights.
This is going to be difficult. However, something that matters takes effort ... I think I sort of screwed up that quote.

Remember the book discussion - Sat. Dec. 17th - Mostly Books 1pm. I just don't want to be there alone. Though, I might be able to answer all my own questions.

Good day,