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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Halloween Candy Caper

So I changed my blog site - this a good idea - who knows. But since I'm a technically challenged I rely on those around me and they said - good idea.

Let me know what you think and please stay tuned!

Love All,

Monday, November 18, 2013

Take Back the Power From Mean And Crush Its Little Soul

I was telling Brent that I feel bad - (I was pulling quotes from book reviews) - and I know I shouldn't because people can be mean. They probably don't even know they're mean. Maybe people are mean to them (because they're gossipy and unhappy) ... anyway - he said that it's "natural to feel bad".

That got me thinking - why is natural such a great thing? You read it on packages and hear about the benefits of 'going' natural. But who wants that? Natural childbirth hurts. And I used to have to eat watermelon outside or by the sink - because of all those seeds - now I just enjoy. And nature is really beautiful to look at and I think we should have more areas that are left alone. That being said - do I want to commune with creatures living in said environment? No. Because I have respect for wildlife. And great fear of bodily harm.

I'm thinking I prefer artificial. Artificial lighting makes me look better, I have an artificial lake in my backyard. Have you ever rubbed an actual strawberry on your lips or hair? Doesn't hydrate as well as lip balm or shampoo and then there are those pesky seeds.

It is something to think about on a non-election year.

I spent yesterday at a book event for Arizona authors. I sold one book, one download, made two Facebook friends, got invited to sign at a table for the UA Festival of Books, talked a lot and met some really nice local authors - it was a good day.

Okay - Brent just read an exceptionally nice review for all three books. I wish the good ones could worm their way in like the bad ones do.

Boo! to the power of mean!

Happy Monday!

Love All,