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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melanie vs. Zombies, Serial Killers and Chemistry Teachers

I am a big fan of the library. I like to reserve books, movies, television shows – it's like getting a gift when the male voice kindly lets me know that I have a item waiting. 

However, a couple of weeks ago - Homeland, The Walking Dead, season 2 and Downton Abbey season 2 - all came in about the same time. And I had been waiting nearly 6 months for Homeland and three for the other two - no way was I going to miss out on this trifecta of television! 
We finished the very last episode last night. 

If you find Melanie killing servant zombies in a giant mansion while taking medication and sleeping with a suspect then you'll understand. My brain is swimming with these great characters and the vast difference in each of the tales. 

Another confession is that I'm in love with Dexter (just today reserved season 7). Not just Dexter but the entire cast - Deb is my favorite. 

I've been through the four seasons of Breaking Bad - didn't get into Mad Men but I am waiting on Game of Thrones and Justified.

I don't know what happened to me - I was never this kind of crazy over shows. Are they getting better or is it me? 

Now everyone has been telling me about Dr. Who? but my library doesn't carry the new one - I don't even know what it is - but it's got to be good! And I already can't wait. 

I do have to say that watching The Walking Dead before bed - isn't one of my best ideas. Oh, well, have to wait for next season. Kind of like having to wait for Chase Book 4 of the Melanie Ward Novels. - thought I should throw that in - do a little subliminal marketing. 

Well, if you can think of any awesome programming I've missed - let me know! 

My advice is to stay away from angry personal maids, Maggie Smith, serial killers, zombies, cops who are in love with your spouse, chemistry teachers, war heroes and Miami.

Got to go - the Arizona Wildcats are playing!

Love All,