Words on writing – for what it’s worth.
I thought, after Heat Wave, that I had this job down. I write – for hours – everyday, I have the plot line, I have a firm grasp of my characters and I guess it was that arrogance that was my first mistake. I was super excited to write from Adam’s point of view – I didn’t take into account how difficult that would be … for the three previous books (Living Lies, Second Chance and Heat Wave) I’ve done my best to keep out of everyone else’s head. I didn’t want to mar Melanie’s view point by crawling into someone else’s thoughts – giving her insight on things that she shouldn’t have known.
Today, I know better. And I’m not taking anything for granted.
For Adam I darkened the things in my life. I chose male oriented shows, movies, books – read articles, magazines and listened to men speaking in restaurants. My mom didn’t understand when I was forced to shush her during one of these most interesting episodes. “Why are you listening to them? What are they talking about?” She asked, too loudly and I told her I didn’t know because she kept asking me questions. My poor mom. In my defense, I apologized later and told her why I listen … because I’m interested. In everything.
To all of you writers out there … whatever your hang-ups are, whatever you struggle with … know this (taken in an sympathetic way) we are all still learning, no matter how many The Ends we’ve reached … or (not so pleasant) once you’ve mastered a hurdle there will always be another one waiting to trip you up.
But remember you’re having fun. I can’t wait to see what Book 5 and the sequel to Moon Over Monsters are going to teach me … right now the first drafts are moving along nicely. But like all of my first drafts … there will be cutting, realigning, rewording … editing, rereading, changing, fixing, adjusting, mending and then I’ll be ready for the second run through.
Got to start somewhere.
Love All,