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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love All - Should that include the jerk that cuts in front?

Janet Evanovich's One For The Money is released in theaters tomorrow. Though, I wasn't sold on the actress who plays Stephanie Plum (can't spell her name - so I won't) I'm kind of getting used to the idea.

I have to admit - I've thought of Living Lies on the big screen and I've kept my eye out for someone who reminds me of Melanie. A long time ago I was watching Lost and thought Evangaline Lily (All my names might be misspelled - sorry) might work, she's sporty but she might be too tall. There was a girl in Rookie Blue - she seemed like she could grow with the character. I guess if I'm going to imagine I could imagine BIG. Is there a big star out there that fits? They all seem either too old or too girly. Who am I missing?

Adam is tough. I don't even want to try.

Danny. I sort of like the guy who was in Easy A - Todd.

Trish? Tall, gorgeous and raw - should be easy to find in Hollywood.

Javier - there used to be a dancer on Dancing With The Stars - I think his name is Alec.

It's fun to do until I hit that point where it sort of makes me sad to think about. I'm there now. I think it would make a really great movie - I can see every scene but what I think doesn't seem to matter. I really need to make more money. I read a book once (ha-that's funny 'cuz I've read at least two) that the girl was in deep debt and it didn't occur to her to spend less - her first thought was to make more. I am the exact opposite. I go right to spend less and completely forget about the other option. My point with this is that I have to dream bigger. Do you? Are you limited by your own imagination of yourself? What point of view do you need to change? Because why not? Those big stars I was writing about ... are they really so great? How did they get there and where's my path?

How to sell more books? Which isn't the only goal - I want people to fall in love. Fall in Love - so that their hearts speed up with a single kiss. Fall in Love with a handsome, capable chef. Love is good. We should all love more. And I'm not talking about the fool in the car beside you - the one who has forgotten how to drive. I'm talking those you eat dinner with and those souls around the world that you don't even know. I suppose that could be the fool in the car because truthfully ... they're the ones that need the most Love.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year Of The Dragon!

Just a quick note before I begin my Moon Over Monsters update.

I went to lunch today with my mom, niece and husband - it was a quick-fast-food place and it's always terrifying to be up at the counter, ordering with my mom. She's a maniac! She asks, "What do you want?" and then proceeds to order whatever she thinks you should have. Brent and I usually split a meal - they give too much for a single person and it works. We don't have left overs, we don't waste and we're not over stuffed. My mom disagrees.
So, today we're at the counter and I'm hanging back because we usually get into a squabble right in front of person - and we do. (Though I hate to admit it ... It was sort of my fault. I'm okay with that so long as my mom never finds out.)
We confused the man and in the end the four of us snacked/lunched for $8.36. He got the order mostly wrong and we just accepted whatever came on the tray. I'm not sure what this says about any of us ... and don't think that you've solved my problem by having me wait for the next person to take my order. My mom scolds and waves me over until I relent. She means well. She usually buys. I love my mom.

Moon Over Monsters - spent all day Saturday reading it to the girls. We're a third of the way through and it's going well - they're asking good questions, giving ideas and we're catching a couple of typing, wording errors.

I've forgotten how long this process takes. Poor, poor Melanie is waiting in the wings. I've been playing her relationship with Adam over and over in my head. I'm just not sure which way she's leaning. I love Adam and I know there's feelings there for Melanie, too ... but are they strong enough?

I guess I'm going to have to listen and see what she has to say.

Happy Year Of The Dragon!

Best Wishes,

Monday, January 16, 2012

What Do They Know?

Starting tomorrow I am giving up sugar. Not all sugar just simple kinds - like Pixie Sticks. I've been doing family research - speaking with my aunts and uncles and one thing I've learned is that there is a history of kidney failure and my great-grandmother's sister was blind. Sounds like diabetes to me. I don't do well with too much sugar - I think I'm going to try limiting my intake.

This history report started out with a fact finding mission - talk to my 80-something-year-old relatives - learn about Tucson in the past 7 decades. Learn about my grandparents and answer questions that I've wondered about all my life.

If you have aging relatives - I'd suggest you sit down with them and take a video account of their stories. You might find out more than you ever knew existed. Like maybe it'd be wise to decrease your sugar. History is a funny thing. Everyone has their own account of what happened, why, when and getting different perspectives of the same even is a great way to whittle down the truth.

The farther back you can reach - the closer you are to history. The uncle that I'm seeing tomorrow was in WWII. I cannot wait to learn about the things he's witnessed. First hand. There is a name for this ... getting knowledge from the source but for the life of me I can't remember. Fortunately my uncle has a better memory than I do.

Take care,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Story of Jack and Libby .... and Luxa ... and Tori

My oldest dog is 8. She's got really bad allergies and to be honest I think she was from a puppy farm. Her name is Libby and the choice was between her and her much quieter sister. We bought her when she was about 5 months old and paid way too much. But I couldn't leave her and I couldn't chose which puppy to take - I waited in the car and let Brent pick one. Terrible.

But I have to say Libby (her sister, too) was beautiful. We'd just lost two of our three Springer Spaniels and the one left was very sad - so we got him a puppy. He loved her for about three hours and then did his best to be a carmudgeon. He was 91 people years old and looking back I guess he had right to scold her but it was how he did it that made him a grumpy old man.

When he passed, two years later, Libby was sad - are we seeing a pattern? Anyway, that's when we decided she needed company ... so we got Jack. Not from a puppy mill but a nice family. Jack is better than handsome – he's the David Beckham of dogs. And since they're both so beautiful I had the brilliant idea that they should propagate. Not to make money but because beauty like theirs shouldn't be ended.

Libby grew enormous and at the end we had ten puppies that didn't make it, three that survived and a vet bill that was twice as enormous as Libby. On a good note - one of my twins decided puppy birth was really gross and changed her mind on becoming a veterinarian saving us a bundle on tuition. Well, I couldn't release the three brave survivors to just anyone ... so, my brother adopted one, we called her Juliet and they named her Casper.

And that is how one family of four has a exact canine replica living in their house with them. It hasn't really been too bad but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it either.

I don't really know why I wrote about them ... other than they're laying around me, baking in the winter sun.

Take care,