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Monday, January 16, 2012

What Do They Know?

Starting tomorrow I am giving up sugar. Not all sugar just simple kinds - like Pixie Sticks. I've been doing family research - speaking with my aunts and uncles and one thing I've learned is that there is a history of kidney failure and my great-grandmother's sister was blind. Sounds like diabetes to me. I don't do well with too much sugar - I think I'm going to try limiting my intake.

This history report started out with a fact finding mission - talk to my 80-something-year-old relatives - learn about Tucson in the past 7 decades. Learn about my grandparents and answer questions that I've wondered about all my life.

If you have aging relatives - I'd suggest you sit down with them and take a video account of their stories. You might find out more than you ever knew existed. Like maybe it'd be wise to decrease your sugar. History is a funny thing. Everyone has their own account of what happened, why, when and getting different perspectives of the same even is a great way to whittle down the truth.

The farther back you can reach - the closer you are to history. The uncle that I'm seeing tomorrow was in WWII. I cannot wait to learn about the things he's witnessed. First hand. There is a name for this ... getting knowledge from the source but for the life of me I can't remember. Fortunately my uncle has a better memory than I do.

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