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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love All - Should that include the jerk that cuts in front?

Janet Evanovich's One For The Money is released in theaters tomorrow. Though, I wasn't sold on the actress who plays Stephanie Plum (can't spell her name - so I won't) I'm kind of getting used to the idea.

I have to admit - I've thought of Living Lies on the big screen and I've kept my eye out for someone who reminds me of Melanie. A long time ago I was watching Lost and thought Evangaline Lily (All my names might be misspelled - sorry) might work, she's sporty but she might be too tall. There was a girl in Rookie Blue - she seemed like she could grow with the character. I guess if I'm going to imagine I could imagine BIG. Is there a big star out there that fits? They all seem either too old or too girly. Who am I missing?

Adam is tough. I don't even want to try.

Danny. I sort of like the guy who was in Easy A - Todd.

Trish? Tall, gorgeous and raw - should be easy to find in Hollywood.

Javier - there used to be a dancer on Dancing With The Stars - I think his name is Alec.

It's fun to do until I hit that point where it sort of makes me sad to think about. I'm there now. I think it would make a really great movie - I can see every scene but what I think doesn't seem to matter. I really need to make more money. I read a book once (ha-that's funny 'cuz I've read at least two) that the girl was in deep debt and it didn't occur to her to spend less - her first thought was to make more. I am the exact opposite. I go right to spend less and completely forget about the other option. My point with this is that I have to dream bigger. Do you? Are you limited by your own imagination of yourself? What point of view do you need to change? Because why not? Those big stars I was writing about ... are they really so great? How did they get there and where's my path?

How to sell more books? Which isn't the only goal - I want people to fall in love. Fall in Love - so that their hearts speed up with a single kiss. Fall in Love with a handsome, capable chef. Love is good. We should all love more. And I'm not talking about the fool in the car beside you - the one who has forgotten how to drive. I'm talking those you eat dinner with and those souls around the world that you don't even know. I suppose that could be the fool in the car because truthfully ... they're the ones that need the most Love.


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