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Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Attempt At Free

A year has passed since I first discovered Kindle Prime on Amazon. It changed my life. It changed the way I saw my writing and it changed my enthusiasm.

A year ago I wrote because I wanted to - I had little faith that my books would get into the hands of strangers and Second Chance took so long to complete because I figured no one cared anyway. I wrote for myself. I wrote what I wanted to read. I wrote because I enjoy it. I don't think that I'm very skilled but what I lack in natural ability I make up in determination. I'm willing to learn, to fix my mistakes and I'm willing to make more. I figure before I'm done I will have fallen into every pit unimaginable. But I will also pull myself out again.

Now there are people waiting for book 4!? What!? I can't over express my amazement. So the numbers are in the handful but it still surprises and leaves me speechless when I'm reminded that someone - I don't even know - is enjoying the books.

(My husband tells me not to focus on my mistakes. Actually, I just read this to him and that was his comment. To which my reply was "I don't." Duh.) He was also the one to tell me not to use a pick-up line on a stranger - clearly I don't listen to him and usually I find myself grimacing as I think I should tell him he was right. But then I save him from developing an abundance of ego and pretend like I have no clue what he's talking about. Marriage. Oh, side note, I have realized that I talk to strangers too much and to my horror I think I've hit on more men than I can count. Blast my naiveté.

Anyway, back on topic. Moon Over Monsters has a revised cover! We're going to be at a book signing on Feb. 16th at the Safari Club Wildlife Museum! They have the bones of a centaur and a few other mythical creatures and I can't wait. Just this week I received an email on Moon Over Monsters. I haven't pushed that one because it demands a sequel and that is still in the works - super cool.

Long story short. Living Lies is free on Kindle for the next three days! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and lets all get out and download!

Thanks a million everyone!

Love All (avoiding the ones we accidentally excite),
Kate Mathis

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Readers Are The Real Mystery

A New Year. New Goals.
I hate putting so much pressure on myself in January - or anytime of the year, really - but I do like making lists of things to do. Mostly because I like crossing things off. Sometimes I do something and then remember it wasn't on my list, so I add it – just so I can cross it off.

This year is pretty much the same as last ... get a couple of books out, shove the pressure aside and simply enjoy the process. It's hard to appreciate every moment in life and when the yucky stuff creeps in, it's nice to remember that most of the crap just doesn't matter.

Life is a game, a competition and the purpose is to learn and have fun as the time on this planet passes. This has never been more evident to me than book sales. Raise the price, lower the price ... sell some, give some away. When or why readers buy a book is a mystery. None of it makes sense and I have almost no control.

I marvel when a book hits it big and goes crazy. My thoughts at that time are ... "Now why didn't I think of that? An X-rated Twilight ... duh!" with a hint of, "At least it's possible and maybe next time..."

I'm not an obvious gambler. I don't play the slots or hit the Indian casinos on weekends but I do play the odds with my career. So introspective - it's giving me a stomachache. But seriously What Is The Next Big Thing? Forget the tired old stuff of the last few years. Look ahead on the horizon ... what's there? You never know – it could be you lisping with Barbara Walters next December.

Squinting out over the sunrise,
Kate Mathis