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Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Your Idea For A Book?

When Living Lies came out I wondered ... of all the stories I could imagine, how did this one come to life? I started out with a completely different plot ... a couple on their honeymoon in Paris witness a murder. The premise was that they'd just purchased a new digital camera and ... accidentally filmed the killing.
Well, after writing out the flow chart for that story Melanie, the bride, was more capable and independent – eventually transforming into Spy Melanie. And Adam, groom, changed from the bumbling technical dope to a handsome chef. Truthfully I didn't know Adam was a bad guy until one morning I was writing and like a punch in the face it hit me! Of the many surprises I encountered during writing ... that's one of my favorites. It was really cool how he'd taken on a life and I was only the narrator.
So, whatever your plot is ... remember it is okay for it to change. Start off easy with a flow chart of what you think the story looks like. Continue from scene to scene and keep going until you feel the sigh of relief that "it's done".

Ever hear of The Morning Blend on Arizona's KGUN 9?
Well, watch on August 11 at 11am!
I'm excited and nervous but in a good way.

Take care,

Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Way To Think

Book stores are closing. Publishers are tightening their belts and what are writers left to do? How do we get our products into the hands of readers? Mark Twain had door to door salesmen selling Tom Sawyer. That was innovative and it worked! So, what are we – in 2011 – left to do?
I can reach millions from home and yet ... I am no Mark Twain. I knock my head on my keyboard trying to come up with a financially solid resolution.  It is easy to get discouraged. I've lost days this week researching but as good as the web is there is nothing compared to face to face contact.
My solution is not only to utilize online resources (more than just Facebook or Twitter) book clubs, writers associations and book reviewer but to get out of town and meet readers. It's a monetary investment but I'm signing up for Book Festivals. They're all over the nation and happen year long. Okay, so this isn't new. I'll admit it – I'm stuck in the box and though I try to feel for the edges I am locked in my thinking. I'm hoping that by making a move I will experience an epiphany, an awakening, people will read the books, love them and I'll be able to continue to write.

I have signed up to participate in KIIM FM's Shannon's Slumber Party. 1000 women at a local hotel for a giant sleep over - I'll have a table and books. It's different and truthfully it sounds like a blast and I'm excited to be involved.

I am open to suggestions, ideas and collaborations. I'll let you know where the festivals will be and how they work out for me.

Still thinking,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Query Letter Phobia

I'm not sure it's a real ailment, however, I'm starting to get hives. My third book has taken a different turn - Melanie has been left to her own devices for a time while I concentrate on a Young Adult novel. YA is such a great genre and I'm having fun but I'm closing in on the finish line and I am thinking about going with a different agency. That means the dreaded Query = Rejection Letter. I guess I could go for the completely unrealistic optimism but ... lets face it rejection is part of the process.
Living Lies got rejection slips and to say the mailbox becomes Enemy Number One is not an understatement. I know I am not alone, all of us who have opened our own self-addressed stamped envelope to find 1/8 of a sheet of paper to "apologize" for not being interested "at this time".  Maybe these days it's email but the wound still stings.

You could see the rejections as a sign of bravery and courage to put yourself out there but the truth is they just suck. The one thing I did learn is that I cannot constantly rewrite to fit one suggestion - be confident that someone will see into the heart of the story and all you need is that One! One perfect letter at the right time to the right person. That doesn't sound so difficult.

Wish me luck,
- Kate

Friday, July 8, 2011

5% of writing a book is the actual writing.

That's what I was told when Living Lies was first being released. I was offended. Really, all that effort, years of work and it was only worth 5%?

So, I've soften my heated outrage. Marketing, selling and promoting a book is a lot of work! And though I really like meeting people and hearing compliments ... it's hard. I'm not built for sales. I have to be prodded to ask for a review on Amazon or for a Like on Facebook. I just want people to read the books, to have a good time, to fall in love or in hate and to forget everything else for 400-ish pages.

Here in 2011 - I'm agreeing that 95% of the work is selling the book, but 95% of the fun ... is writing.

Now for my personality transformation - I'll be at Mostly Books 5th Saturday on 7/30 @ 1pm
Borders - Park Place  8/6 1-4
Mostly Books  8/13 2-3


Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July and release of Second Chance!

I've been thinking about what I've learned - first there is no right way to write. That has been the most glaring fact I learned. After I started writing - and thought I was finished - the seminars I took described how a person should go about writing and most often they stated an outline. Outline. I tried an outline on Second Chance ... didn't work. Unless 'they' consider writing the basics of the plot, storyline, character development and a good 75% of the book as an outline ... then I failed that miserably. Because as I write the story comes out - not to say I don't know where I'm going, nope, I know. From thought process. I think and set up the environment, the atmosphere all in my mind then I write. And when I'm done - have completed the entire thing (maybe leaving the ending alone until I'm certain) then I go back through the entire manuscript and make changes, tweak, revise and all the rest - then give it to the awesome editor and she corrects my errors, gives me suggestions and is the base for gauging how the book is being taken. A couple of times she thought things that I didn't mean ... okay, changed. This works for me. It doesn't mean it's the right or wrong way - I just cannot plan out each chapter. Maybe one day I'll try it again and that will be the best book ever but for now ... it's just me and my thoughts.
I hope it helps.
Happy and safe 4th!