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Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Way To Think

Book stores are closing. Publishers are tightening their belts and what are writers left to do? How do we get our products into the hands of readers? Mark Twain had door to door salesmen selling Tom Sawyer. That was innovative and it worked! So, what are we – in 2011 – left to do?
I can reach millions from home and yet ... I am no Mark Twain. I knock my head on my keyboard trying to come up with a financially solid resolution.  It is easy to get discouraged. I've lost days this week researching but as good as the web is there is nothing compared to face to face contact.
My solution is not only to utilize online resources (more than just Facebook or Twitter) book clubs, writers associations and book reviewer but to get out of town and meet readers. It's a monetary investment but I'm signing up for Book Festivals. They're all over the nation and happen year long. Okay, so this isn't new. I'll admit it – I'm stuck in the box and though I try to feel for the edges I am locked in my thinking. I'm hoping that by making a move I will experience an epiphany, an awakening, people will read the books, love them and I'll be able to continue to write.

I have signed up to participate in KIIM FM's Shannon's Slumber Party. 1000 women at a local hotel for a giant sleep over - I'll have a table and books. It's different and truthfully it sounds like a blast and I'm excited to be involved.

I am open to suggestions, ideas and collaborations. I'll let you know where the festivals will be and how they work out for me.

Still thinking,

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