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Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Your Idea For A Book?

When Living Lies came out I wondered ... of all the stories I could imagine, how did this one come to life? I started out with a completely different plot ... a couple on their honeymoon in Paris witness a murder. The premise was that they'd just purchased a new digital camera and ... accidentally filmed the killing.
Well, after writing out the flow chart for that story Melanie, the bride, was more capable and independent – eventually transforming into Spy Melanie. And Adam, groom, changed from the bumbling technical dope to a handsome chef. Truthfully I didn't know Adam was a bad guy until one morning I was writing and like a punch in the face it hit me! Of the many surprises I encountered during writing ... that's one of my favorites. It was really cool how he'd taken on a life and I was only the narrator.
So, whatever your plot is ... remember it is okay for it to change. Start off easy with a flow chart of what you think the story looks like. Continue from scene to scene and keep going until you feel the sigh of relief that "it's done".

Ever hear of The Morning Blend on Arizona's KGUN 9?
Well, watch on August 11 at 11am!
I'm excited and nervous but in a good way.

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