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Monday, August 1, 2011

Debunking the Myths

As I was writing my first book I heard a lot of rules about writing.
1. Write about what you know
2. If you want to write, write.
3. Don't quit your day job.
All of which I took as complete gospel. Until upon reflection I realized I had worked in a bank for nine years and what I knew ... was boring. After nine years palettes of money no longer held their appeal. What I found was interesting was a world beyond what I knew. After I had kids and daycare for two was going to deplete my bimonthly paycheck – I walked away from my day job with imagination intact and wanted to write.

So here's the thing about myths ... some are right and what you have to figure out is which ones are right for you? Pick and choose and throw the rest out the window.

My only advice would be to write what you like. It's a lot of work and you'll have way more fun if you're in love with your characters. Believe me ... these imaginary people become family.

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