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Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Ready

As part of my getting out there while having a great time campaign I've signed up for a evening hosted by a local radio station. Crazy? Perhaps.

It's a girls only, over 21 Slumber Party at a Westin here in town. 1,000+ women all ready to have a good time with vendors ranging from nail salon to plastic surgery. There is only one author and though I will be standing in front of my table I fully intend on having fun, selling books and meeting people. Not to mention I get to hang out with three enormously important people - Amy, Angie and Sharon!

We can now accept credit cards which is huge! I've got bottles of wine as giveaways for stopping by the table. A giant dish of candy (hey, I'm a girl and I know what matters). Melanie Ward Banners for both books, book marks, Kindle labels - for those e-readers and plenty of books.

So, I'm excited and crossing my fingers - though to define success solely on the almighty dollar is ... justifiable!

Wishing all of you great success in all of your crazy ideas,

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