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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earth Shattering News

My Earth Shattering News is to all first time authors ...

Have a hook.

I've been scouring websites looking for that magic combination and truthfully I have only found tidbits of information that I can use and put into practice. Lately, looking for a publicist all I hear is "What's her hook?" Even if they say the love the book, it's not enough. And here is the rub ... I have no hook. Do you?
Our first place to start is a trip through memory lane to seriously consider all the real best 'hooks' of the 20th century.

Angela Ashes - he wrote for 30 years before he was published. I'm sorry but ... I don't want that.
Harry Potter - she wrote in a pub, broke with her daughter asleep in the stroller. Well, I wrote at a McDonald's while the girls slept in their beds. Count?
What about the people who were homeless, addicts or near death ... I haven't got any of that and I'm grateful.
Twilight - three months after she finished her first book there was a bidding war and we all know the rest of the story. Maybe there's something there we don't know.
Any others?
A quick recap ... because I've been responsible I'm uninteresting. That sucks.
I could be bad ... but tattoos look like they hurt. Motorcycles with the high handlebars seem completely uncomfortable. Alcohol gives me a headache. Speeding tickets are a waste of money.
Wait! I have lived in my car. But it was just over night when the hotel in San Diego gave away my room because we got there after 9pm.
Near death? I saw Eat, Pray Love.
An affair. Why? No one is better than Brent.
An eating disorder. Only if I could choose where I'd loose the weight.
Religion and politics are too heated and I could never even dream to out do them in being bad.

I think I may be stuck at boring. If you knew me ... you'd know I'm not boring but I've got nothing but my word to back that up. My goal for the rest of the week is to figure out my 'hook' - even if I haven't done it yet - next week I start. I sure hope it's not dangerous or expensive or painful. And I draw the line at being mean – not even for the best hook in the world.

How about you? Are you going to search for your hook?
Well, I wish you luck and success with all of your dreams.


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