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Monday, August 19, 2013

There's A Hero In The House

Where have I been? The answer is everywhere but that's got to wait.

Today I'm going for cliche. I have a new hero and her name is Wendy's Liberty Bell - we call her Libby and sometimes she responds, but only if she wants to. She's a 10 year-old Weimaraner and has got a huge bump on her nose. The vet says it's cancer but this dog is so strong and so amazing that I'm refusing that diagnoses. He only looked at an X-ray, there were no tests, no biopsies, NADA. Anyway, I couldn't be anymore proud of her. It's like if that rhino-bump were gone she'd be better than normal, she jogs on her walks, follows me around like her own personal vending machine and plays like a puppy. We are defying the odds and I believe she's sporting her Halloween costume with style!

Summer is over, kids are back in school and I'm fixing into a routine. I have to say that I wonder about other writers and their comfort patterns. Me, I can't write in solitude. It makes me lonely. Give me a fast food restaurant with headphones and a television and I'm set for a strong chapter. I cannot concentrate alone at my desk/table with music in the background. The other night I had the computer on the kitchen counter as I cooked spaghetti because I had a conversation going inside my head that I couldn't ignore and ... real people were hungry.

How do you write? How does your story come to you? Is it so much fun that you forget about the painful linking of words?

My publisher spoke to the editor and I have not had a more stressful moment ... since the last time that happened. I'm normal. On a regular day, with regular things ... I'm a together sort of person but when Jill is part of the conversation I become a crazed, scared idiot. She's absolutely the greatest and I want her to like the story and I'm so super sorry for my many errors - sometimes I wonder what she must think of me ... I can't even blame a public school education, not totally. And I went to college, I've strongly suggested to my mom that she write to the university and demand a partial reimbursement for my lack of grammar skills. But to be fair, it's her fault I can't speak Spanish and there's no money-back-guarantee with a parent. I guess it's time to be grateful for that (I've got two).

Hey, this was fun. I'll have to do it more than once every 3 months.

Thanks for reading.
Love All,