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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Signings

So, it was a big week last week. Live TV was pretty awesome! I think I could get used to that gig. <>

We had the first book signing for Second Chance at Mostly Books on Saturday. <>

Some family were there, which that support is alway appreciated. A really cool thing was that two women who purchased Living Lies at its very first book signing in 2009 showed up! So Great - I only wish there'd been more time to actually talk with them.
I think for future events I want to have time set aside for afterwards to go out for drinks or just to chat and get to know people. What do you think? Anyone out there?
Anyway, a suggestion was made that "I pop these out faster" a suggestion which I am prepared to follow.
What's fun was asking what they think was going to happen in Book 2. I haven't heard back so here's hoping that they like Second Chance. What's hard is not spilling any book 2 secrets – mentally I've already moved on to Book 3 - still no title. I should've done the Janet Evanovich's number thing or Sue Grafton's alphabet titles - oh, well, too late.

The promotion machine is still churning out signings - Clues Unlimited on Sept 17th <> Bookman's pending and I've got a signing at Warwick's in La Jolla on November 13th! <>

As far as tips for writing - it's getting easier. With each book (just finishing YA fantasy) I'm getting smoother with the first drafts. There still is a huge process with editing and rewriting but I feel more confident with each step.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the book signing - it really is a pleasure to speak to you all again.


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