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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Next Level

It's true I've been plugging along. Mostly writing with less effort put into marketing the books. And the truth is that I am happy with how well the story is being received. But the other side of that same truth is that we've sort of pushed the boundaries of what we can do, how far we can take the book.
The question then is what's the next step?


1. Part of me has been thinking that maybe the YA due out in December will help get me in the visibility of a big publisher. We'll lose control but my books will be opened up to another world of people we can't get it to.
2. We could hire a publicist. How/where do we go about finding one that can really do what we want them to do? Involved with this decision is ... trust and a lot of money.
3. And I haven't really exhausted the online market potential.

That leaves me scratching my head. What do we do next? I am not alone in this question - I've done my research - and maybe I'm even more confused because of it.

I think I will try all three of the above. I guess I forgot that was an option.

As a side note = book 3 is plotted out. It's fun and exciting and I can't wait - new people, old people and really great things are in store for Melanie.

See you later,

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