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Friday, July 8, 2011

5% of writing a book is the actual writing.

That's what I was told when Living Lies was first being released. I was offended. Really, all that effort, years of work and it was only worth 5%?

So, I've soften my heated outrage. Marketing, selling and promoting a book is a lot of work! And though I really like meeting people and hearing compliments ... it's hard. I'm not built for sales. I have to be prodded to ask for a review on Amazon or for a Like on Facebook. I just want people to read the books, to have a good time, to fall in love or in hate and to forget everything else for 400-ish pages.

Here in 2011 - I'm agreeing that 95% of the work is selling the book, but 95% of the fun ... is writing.

Now for my personality transformation - I'll be at Mostly Books 5th Saturday on 7/30 @ 1pm
Borders - Park Place  8/6 1-4
Mostly Books  8/13 2-3


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