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Friday, July 15, 2011

Query Letter Phobia

I'm not sure it's a real ailment, however, I'm starting to get hives. My third book has taken a different turn - Melanie has been left to her own devices for a time while I concentrate on a Young Adult novel. YA is such a great genre and I'm having fun but I'm closing in on the finish line and I am thinking about going with a different agency. That means the dreaded Query = Rejection Letter. I guess I could go for the completely unrealistic optimism but ... lets face it rejection is part of the process.
Living Lies got rejection slips and to say the mailbox becomes Enemy Number One is not an understatement. I know I am not alone, all of us who have opened our own self-addressed stamped envelope to find 1/8 of a sheet of paper to "apologize" for not being interested "at this time".  Maybe these days it's email but the wound still stings.

You could see the rejections as a sign of bravery and courage to put yourself out there but the truth is they just suck. The one thing I did learn is that I cannot constantly rewrite to fit one suggestion - be confident that someone will see into the heart of the story and all you need is that One! One perfect letter at the right time to the right person. That doesn't sound so difficult.

Wish me luck,
- Kate

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