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Sunday, April 21, 2013

104 Days Of Summer Vacation

As an English assignment this week my girls were given the task to write an original 3-6 page Science Fiction story. Using three of the seven characteristics of Sci Fi that I didn't know were requirements.
I would've loved that assignment much more than diagramming sentences.
When I was a kid I was hooked on the Nine Princes In Amber series by Roger Zelazny. I loved Corwin. I was ten or eleven and when I'd completed the last sentence of the last page of the final book - I missed him. So, Friday night, decades later, I retrieved my copy of the book (I am a terrible nostalgist) from the shelf with my other favorites and started to read it to the girls in the car as we drove to their sleepover. Though, I can't remember but the basic plot I still love Corwin. And I love Zelazny's descriptions.
Books hold an important part of our childhood memories - at least they do for me and even when I'm missing my room with the canopy bed, the 9"black and white television and having nightly dinner with my parents and brothers I can still pick up a book and be transported back. I can be that kid again.
Right now War Games is on the television and earlier Madonna was on the car radio - they weren't the best of times but they were my times.
But ... back to reality, the 21st century ... It's the end of April and I'm excited about summer vacation. In a few short weeks (or 104 days according to Phineas and Ferb) summer vacation will only be a memory and this prep time a distant recollection.
Live for the moment. That's a great motto but right now my moment consists of trouble with Chase. Not so much as writer's block more akin to AHHHGG!

Back to Corwin where it's safe.

Love All,

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