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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Generation XX or XY?

It's been over a month since I've discussed the progress of book 3 -- I started at the end of September and struggled through October. I can't remember at what point I went for three times a charm but ... Hooray! I've back into the flow. It wasn't writers block but more like writers quicksand! I had to continue to look at the story from different angles to figure out a path that followed Melanie's style in a way that got me to my destination. Every time I thought I had it right -- the story wouldn't move.

Not now!

Today I was driving by a high school as it was letting out and I've got to say I don't have too much interaction with high schoolers - a couple of nephews but that group as a whole?? Let me just say I feel sorry for high school girls. But to be fair ... some of the kids I couldn't tell their gender. They were all wearing baggy jeans and graphic T's with shaggy, unwashed hair and Vans.

Is it me? Am I aging? Becoming my parents? What about the problem that seems to be surrounding me -- why is everyone mumbling? And how come I have to explain to my kids that Madonna isn't famous for being an author with a British accent?

It's raining and we're off to the orthodontist.

Be safe,

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