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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Art of Laughter

When Border's was closing and they were practically begging me to take books off their shelves I was searching for any book that had a review of "funny", "hysterical" – do I have to think of more or do you get the picture?
Anyway, I've gone through three - I've had very little time to read – and none have been funny or hysterical. I think books that make you happy are essential and would like to in some future time try my hand at 'hysterical'.
Ergo, I'm researching what makes someone, test subject = me, laugh. I'm devastated by these first samplings of supposed 'funny' books. You'll understand when I explain that I found a new book from an author that has made me laugh. I liked her, I really liked her. Guess what! Not funny. Worse than just not funny!

So, I asked myself ... Is it me? Have I lost my sense of humor? I can laugh with my mom all day for absolutely no given reason. Other than she's oddly funny. Have I watched 'Easy A' too many times? My dad was funny. Not just funny ha-ha but clever, insightful funny like Mark Twain (not Samuel Clemens who wasn't funny).

I want to laugh. Don't you?

I am going to divorce myself from all news media for a week and see if that helps.

So what is it that makes you laugh? Why was Janet Evanovich funny in the first 12 books and then lost her mojo for the next five (haven't read 18). Big mysteries of life. I want mojo ... even if I loose it after 12 books.

Oh, well - cheers to you and your own personal mojo!

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