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Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Attempt At Free

A year has passed since I first discovered Kindle Prime on Amazon. It changed my life. It changed the way I saw my writing and it changed my enthusiasm.

A year ago I wrote because I wanted to - I had little faith that my books would get into the hands of strangers and Second Chance took so long to complete because I figured no one cared anyway. I wrote for myself. I wrote what I wanted to read. I wrote because I enjoy it. I don't think that I'm very skilled but what I lack in natural ability I make up in determination. I'm willing to learn, to fix my mistakes and I'm willing to make more. I figure before I'm done I will have fallen into every pit unimaginable. But I will also pull myself out again.

Now there are people waiting for book 4!? What!? I can't over express my amazement. So the numbers are in the handful but it still surprises and leaves me speechless when I'm reminded that someone - I don't even know - is enjoying the books.

(My husband tells me not to focus on my mistakes. Actually, I just read this to him and that was his comment. To which my reply was "I don't." Duh.) He was also the one to tell me not to use a pick-up line on a stranger - clearly I don't listen to him and usually I find myself grimacing as I think I should tell him he was right. But then I save him from developing an abundance of ego and pretend like I have no clue what he's talking about. Marriage. Oh, side note, I have realized that I talk to strangers too much and to my horror I think I've hit on more men than I can count. Blast my naiveté.

Anyway, back on topic. Moon Over Monsters has a revised cover! We're going to be at a book signing on Feb. 16th at the Safari Club Wildlife Museum! They have the bones of a centaur and a few other mythical creatures and I can't wait. Just this week I received an email on Moon Over Monsters. I haven't pushed that one because it demands a sequel and that is still in the works - super cool.

Long story short. Living Lies is free on Kindle for the next three days! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and lets all get out and download!

Thanks a million everyone!

Love All (avoiding the ones we accidentally excite),
Kate Mathis

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  1. I downloaded Living Lies when it was free and it took me 3 days to finish books 2 &3.....I CANT WAIT FOR 4!!!!!
    Thank you