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Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Ranking System on Amazon - 202!

The other day I got an email from Amazon - they are now ranking authors and I was ranked 202 in Romantic Suspense! Woo-hoo, right? 202. That's so funny. What does it even mean? No clue but I liked it!

I live with a dysfunctional dog family. Seriously, I love them but right now I've got three snoring on my couch and one up on my bed with his head on the pillow. They bark at each other, gobble down anything that resembles an edible treat and they poop 17 piles a day. I've read where people say that their dog has changed their life - that is true. I'm a servant, a slave and if I stick my cold hands on their warm underbellies ... they bite. That is not unconditional love! To further illustrate, if I ever left the front door open, they'd be gone in a flash. Where are they going to find a better place? Doesn't exist - except at my mom's house. Maybe it's because they don't have thumbs and can't unlock the front door and they think I'm holding them captive. But truly it is for their own good.
They don't know that I'm the big 202 (that is ranking and NOT age or weight).

Enough of the ridiculous.

If this isn't an example of procrastination - don't know what is.

Remember to be kind.

Love All,

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