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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Awkward and Clumsy - Social Media

So, I'm not the best social media worker. I'm quiet. And though I know there are some that would disagree but I could consider myself shy. That is funny. But I'm less comfortable in a crowd and that's how I feel on Facebook. Like I'm thrown into a party where everyone knows each other and I'm standing on the sidelines watching with a drink in my hand. It's fun and all but I'm awkward. That being confessed - I just signed up with Pintrest (ikatemathis) - this looks like fun. I get to find images that remind me of Melanie, Adam or Trish and pin them on this site. Maybe it will give others a sense of who I think these characters are - is this a good thing? Books are so individual, so personal because it involves the readers unique imagination. My Adam is not the same for everyone. That's why when Twilight was first cast I wondered how they were going to find Edward. Because other than his copper hair the only description was that he was beautiful. What do you think?

Well, along with my screenwriting class, book 4 and the Moon Over Monsters series, I now want to embark in a social media education course. I've taken some of these webinars and I think I need to become more specific with my goal. Strategize, build a following, piggybacking, use others fame to comment on their blog, retweet, associate with them, do guest blogs - see I've got the terms. But I want to interact with readers - have discussions, talk to real people instead of typing on a blank screen. I love to procrastinate with answering emails or finding images online, doesn't everyone?

Heat Wave - out for almost a week and is doing well! What a relief because you just never know. Thanks to all. And I've got the basic outline for book 4 complete! I hate to say it's going better than Heat Wave because I'm highly superstitious and believe that the Gods of Karma don't need any incentive to zap me but ...

Love All,

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