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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paying For Reviews

So, I had the 4th hour of the Today Show yesterday and one of their topics actually stopped me - with laundry in my arms - to listen. They named an author who had set up fake accounts on Amazon and was giving himself raving 5 star reviews about his 'modern day masterpiece'. I didn't have time to evaluate what I thought about that when they went on to say that he'd also left horrible 1 star reviews for his competitors. I didn't need any time to know my feelings. What an @$$hole!

How rotten is that?

I did already know that this was going on a smaller scale ... because I have a couple of 1 stars reviews that make no sense. I'm not saying that someone can't like my books but their comments were inaccurate regarding my story.

Researching it yesterday I found that there were companies set up - so you could buy good and bad reviews. Apparently, after successful freebie promotions there are nasty people who either pay companies or use fake email accounts to leave bad reviews. Amazon customers have no idea this is going on and the star ratings matter. What a lousy thing to do to someone - all I can say is that in return they're getting fake 1 star reviews.  The author noted on the Today Show - was rj ellory and in their piece they said he admitted to it - said it was a wide-spread  occurrence among authors.

I'm here to tell you that I would never do that! EVER. It's mean and hurtful to read a nasty review - forget about hurting sales. And it's not like I pose a threat to anyone. Seriously if Fifty Shades Of Grey can make over a million a week - there's enough readers out there for everyone!!

Well, if these authors don't have enough confidence in their own abilities they should choose another profession.

All you Amazon customers - read the reviews with skepticism! But in return the percentage of readers that leave a review is very small - so, my request to you is if you like a book at least 3 star worthy - leave a comment. If you don't like the book, don't finish it and say nothing.
It's a shame people can be such dicks!

Mean People Suck

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