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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Uncomfortable Blockage

I'm not going to call it 'writer's block' because that sounds uncomfortable. And it isn't like I ran out of ideas or didn't have a game plan ... more like I was frozen by some futuristic device that allowed my brain to move while immobilizing my fingers. But this description makes it sound painless - which, it wasn't!

Each book has had its own set of issues:

Living Lies was difficult because it was the first and I was new (which I plan to alleviate - more later).
Second Chance was like 'nobody cares anyway' :(
Heat Wave was 'Jeez Louise, I give up.'
Moon Over Monsters - not so much any of that but the sales have caused the :(

And by now I have to ask myself ... why are you surprised that Chase is peppered with obstacles? Because! I don't expect sneak attacks from my-own-self! From my-own-characters! How is that even possible?
Well, they are spies and assassins! DUH! Surround yourself with sneaky characters and you get what you get!

But we're simpatico (homage to Cinco de Mayo) again and it is wonderful to be in love and be loved in return! Back on track and racing toward the finish line - that may have to be moved. Which causes another set of mental ulcers but ... can't nor shouldn't be ignored.

Here is where I'm going to (gladly) change the subject -
Last week I was privileged to be part of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle school career day. It was a great reminder of how lucky I am to be able to write, to create, to spend my days with Melanie and meet readers. So much fun. Of all the jobs, though some were really cool and for a split second I considered working with the animals at the zoo, mine is the best!
My very empathetic daughters would remind me that it's the best for me but other people like what they do better. Is it bad to have kids that are more adult than their parent? I guess I'll judge by the amount they need to spend on therapy.

Hope you like what you do better.

Love All,