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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Think Twice Before You Call A Stranger An...

Last night I went to an event to award a local businessman for his contributions to the community. That's the boring part but in the mix I spotted a man. He was in a light brown leather jacket, had rectangular silver framed glasses and ... he reminded me of Adam (for those of you who have read my books you know that Adam is an assassin). I turned to my husband and he said, "that guy looks like an assassin!" At that point I was hooked - I had to find out who he was. There are many problems with this ... the first being his name tag was tiny and second he kept turning each time I tried to run into him.
What was I going to do? Resolved, I decided I would simply introduce myself and tell him he reminded me of a character in my books. To which my husband said, "That sounds like a pick-up line. Hey you look like a guy in my book."(You have to do the cheesy, cheap porn star sound effects.)
Whatever. At the end of the event I was going to forget the whole thing ... but then I'd be a chicken and I hate missing opportunities.
So, I walked up to him and said "Hi, I'm Kate Mathis. I write and you remind me of one of my characters." Before I'd even finished my sentence I knew I was in trouble - the way his face changed – It WAS a pick-up line! I babbled on a few more seconds and he asked, (seriously) "Pray tell who is this person?"
I laughed, nervously - pushed his shoulder (which I immediately realized was another inappropriate gesture) and told him - an assassin.
I was in deep doo-doo! I gave a hasty goodbye and jetted like a rocket out of the auditorium. I figured Brent would find me, or he wouldn't, but I was not going back into that room.
I woke up a few times during the night to have a laugh. At least I proved that I am not a chicken!

Poor guy. I did get his name and after a bit of contortion he'll appear in a book - somewhere.

Anyway, I have learned a lesson and have passed my education on to you. Can't promise I'll remember that lesson next time I run into a dumb idea but...

Love All,


  1. Hilarious Kate! I'd have probably done exactly the same thing, with no where to run! I have been keeping a lot of notes lately on characters and characteristics I encounter...I think my mind thinks I'm working on a novel, but my hands haven't started putting it into action. Cheers!

  2. I just created a profile so that I can comment if I This blog tickled me so much that at the time you posted this, and I read it, I not only shared it with my Facebook friends, but have also shared it with my Husband, my daughters, and a few of my friends!!