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Friday, April 6, 2012

Champagne and Pills - Bad Combination

Lately, I've been so crazed with trying to complete 2 books that I haven't had any time to think about interesting things to write about here. Sure, I've been impassioned by nonsense. But has any of it been any fun? Not really. Has any been insightful? Nope.
And to top things off, both my mom and my husband have become funnier! Neither are funny and that leads me down a scary path ... am I losing my sense of humor?

On a book writing note:
I am now going through round two of book three! Hip, hip! It is so much easier the second time around. The trouble I had starting this book is legendary! That may be an over representation of my troubles but I did run into difficulties during the first stages of this book. I'm not singing the hallelujah chorus just yet but the tune is in the background.

And I do have to say ... I'm liking it! I am going to pre-apologize for the ending - I just can't help it. I never really know when I reach the end until I'm there. It decides for me and even if I wanted to push it a little farther, it won't go. It fizzles.

I've even started pondering book titles, cover colors and images! This is near the stage that I start to feel it being wrapped up! But before I break out the champagne I have to look up and see the Moon Over Monsters manuscript sitting on the table. And that two inch pile of paper reminds me that – Yikes, this is a never ending process!
Well, I think it's about time for my pill.

Happy celebration of you religious freedom,

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