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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soaking Up The Rays In 70% Deficient Arizona

I believe in Kharma. I have to say that if there is one thing I'm a little afraid of ... it's being bitten in the ass by my own energy. I know I've written about "My Strong Feelings About Nothing". Well, I'm here to confess that I've been attacked by MSFAN!

For over a year I've been on the What The Heck!? kick regarding Vitamin D. Because all of a sudden, out of nowhere Vitamin D was all over the news. Couldn't get away from it and I had to question ... who's making money on this?

In December I went to the doctor to have blood work done - the doctor (my first visit - referred by a friend) asked me if I wanted to include the Vitamin D test. HA! I said NO! (Not Hell No but still a forceful rejection). He proceeded to tell me that 70% of Arizonans were D deficient. So, I had to say that if that were true and it was so important then ... the poor people in Wisconsin must be falling over dead. I was going to further express my feelings but I said to myself - "Kate, stop. You aren't ever coming back to this guy," there were other reasons and this was obvious from the get go. "Kate, let it go. Just say no and be on your way." It doesn't always happen, but this time I followed my own savvy advice.

When I got my results back guess what was there! BINGO - Vitamin D results! And further guess what - my insurance doesn't cover his curiosity! $250 - Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars! US Dollars!

Took months to get him on the phone and then when I did ... he said he couldn't do anything. I said he could do the right thing and pay for it! That didn't go over well. He was appalled that I should suggest an 'irrational' idea.
More than one of his staff had told me that he gives this test to everyone. So, I told him that and he admitted that he gives that test to everyone! Everyone? Why? Research study? I don't know. It sounds like an ethics problem to me.

Kharma has hit me with a brick of sunshine.

Let me tell you Stephen Vig I am not done with this crusade! Not until everyone knows the truth and we rise against unwarranted, unnecessary tests! It's what's wrong with the medical field. Bad doctors!

So, readers beware - beware and make certain your insurance covers the flighting fancy of your doctor!

Let us take off our hoodies and raise our faces to the sun!

Best wishes,

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