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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mastering The Power of Zen

This weekend I was part of a panel that discussed indie vs. traditional approach to publishing your book. Since I have no personal experience with traditional I think this was the wrong spot for me. I think that there is still a stigma regarding self-publishing, though lessening daily. During this panel the idea that indie published books weren't held to a 'standard' was brought up. Meaning they lacked the quality of a traditionally published book. First the term 'standard' is so broad and has no actual value - it isn't a pound or an exact measurement - and to bulk an entire group I felt was a bit unfair. It is possible that I misunderstood him because so many great, fresh stories are being told by indie authors. 

But no matter which way you decide to go - you have to put out a solid product that you're proud of - one that people will want to buy and promote to their friends. Standard is such a unmeasurable word - he didn't hand out business cards to a room filled with potential clients - that might not reach to the standards to some but it met his. 

I think we have to be careful when we criticize. And ask ourselves why are we putting someone else down? What is it about me that I feel the need to interject my negative opinion? At the moment I am feeling very Zen and open to the powers of the universe. I am ready to curtail my critical thoughts and realize that that's just another person over there - trying to do the right thing - even if their right is my wrong. 

I lost a bet with my 12 year olds - I thought a song title was Stereo Love, it's Stereo Heart. Still think my title works but now I have to make their beds for a week. Bummer. Well - still love Stereo Heart but will continue to call it Stereo Love!

Love all even when you lose a bet.

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