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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Movies, New Books - An Awesome Combination

Paying tribute to the Hunger Games. 

It seems as if Hollywood is finding it profitable to turn my favorite books into blockbusters! And so, I'm sitting here by my phone waiting for the call regarding Living Lies! I'm waiting patiently, staring lovingly at the rectangular,  mustard yellow, long, curly corded phone attached to my kitchen wall. 

Oh, I have to say I've been working at finishing up book 3 and ... la,la,la ... some great things are in store for Melanie! Sometimes I get stuck in a rewind rut. I keep imagining the same scene over and over - it's annoying like a broken record. Yes, I still listen to my music on vinyl that are loaded with scratches. But anyway, last night my mind was freed and I moved along at a rocket pace.

Enough about me ... back to Suzanne Collins. I have to say that I really enjoyed her Gregor the Overlander series. We spent an entire summer one year reading over Gregor's adventures. Love that authors are getting credit for their work and major movies are not changing the screenplay but holding true to the story. Who will be next? Hmm.

Well, have a great spring - grab a new book and pay homage to the groovy sun! 

See you on the flip side,

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