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Friday, March 2, 2012

Blogs That Matter And Change The Whole World

A couple of things.

First I've been wanting to do a better job at writing these posts. So, today I spent 1.5 hours of my life listening to an online blog-guy ... only to learn that I will never be a successful blogger :(

Apparently, there are 9 steps to success and I could only find two that looked like fun. The first was to find a topic that I loved and B. I like the idea of Branding. But blogging 30 times a day sounds unreasonable and ... do I even think 30 worthwhile thoughts in a day? Another bummer was that I have to leave the personal stuff out. This isn't my 'diary' - Anne Frank wrote a diary.

The part that lost me was that I'm supposed to write stuff that matters and changes the world. While dozing ... I mean listening I thought to myself ... do I have to change The Whole World or just a small piece? Maybe just the parts that are broken. What about the parts that are underwater, how do I reach those?

I don't mean to make fun, I just can't help myself. Why is it all so serious, where's the laughter? Where's the love?

Another thing that started to bug me about 27 minutes in was ... I hate it when people start name dropping, number dropping and motivating by saying "it's not too late for you to start".

I don't want to be a professional blogger, anyway. It's supposed to draw people to my books - to quote the movie "BIG" ... I don't get it.
But I don't get a lot of things. Such as, why does the media keep saying Lindsay Lohan is talented. Every time I hear that, I search my memory for something other than Freaky Friday and Parent Trap. What else did she do?

On a violation note - I'll go personal.

My problem is that I am a terrible salesperson. I hate to ask people to LIKE my page or to write a review - even after they've left me an awesome email. I know I should but ... I can't. Others do and I realize it makes me a loser but I'd rather be a loser than a beggar. People get sick of both and I figure if they like the book ... maybe they'll think of it themselves and LIKE me on their own terms. It must mean more. I've earned every single one of my 24 LIKEs.

I'm going keep writing and keep thanking those emailers - and maybe one day I'll grow a set and ask someone to help out with a 5-star review or a click on the LIKE button.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Love all,

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