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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, What A Pain!

Is there anything more distracting than pain?

I have a toothache. Four years ago I was at the beach and a grain of sand got caught between teeth and I couldn't get it out. When I got home I went to the dentist and he said I needed a filling. Hmm. Because every tooth I have already has at least three. My first love was candy and let's just say all kinds of love hurts.

Anyway, since he filled the spot my tooth has bothered me – It's that enamel looking color stuff, unlike my sparkly sliver ones – not painful bother just weird. I thought I was just being a baby ... sad and not 100% positive that I needed a filling. But the hygienist, dentist they're all nice there, friendly and I figured they hadn't screwed up on a cleaning - so we stayed with him twice a year.

But when one of my girls needed a filling about a year ago and she had the same complaint. My belief solidified. I'm not a baby, he isn't any good. Later, her tooth hurt her so much we took her in - it was a baby tooth and close enough to falling out he pulled the thing.

So, when I went in for a cleaning (the tooth sometimes hurts) he said it had a fracture and wanted to make me a queen by giving me a crown.

Now I have a toothache and in need of a dentist. But who is to say this one will be any better? How do you chose a dentist or a doctor? Don't get me started about the odd doctor my friend recommended. He was right out of a Stephen King novel. Carried a picture of an OBGYN that the thought was pretty in his coat pocket. I do have to admit, she was attractive.

Monday I have to tract down someone who knows what they are doing - in the meantime I'm practicing pain deferment.

Hope your weekend is better and you're out chowing down on all things tasty and not soft and not counting the hours until you can have another pill. On a good note - my face hasn't swelled.

Gumming through my weekend,

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