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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Am A Victim Of Tiny Towers - Someone call a psychotherapist, quick!

If I'm too old for zits – how did I fall for the most boring app ever? My oldest 12 year-old started this a couple of weeks ago. And truthfully it is as boring to play as it is to watch. But my youngest 12 year-old asked if she could download it on my ipad. Why not? It's free.

She and I were going to 'share' the tower. I didn't want it - I don't have time for video games, apps, wii - Now I have 20 floors. I write on my laptop and use the ipad for research so I don't have to toggle .. yesterday I wrote with Tiny Towers by my side ???? Really?

Please don't tell Brent! Not that he's Shrek but ... I would have to explain what the heck I'm doing and I just can't. I still have a Moon Over Monsters dust jacket to write, a query letter to revise and a 90K Melanie book to write.

That's it! I have seen the light ... or wait ... no, it's just "a time to restock" box.

But there is good news - if you're going to be in Tucson March 10 and 11 - Saturday, I will be on a panel at the Book Festival. Sunday I'm speaking in the Alumni Author's Tent and selling books at the Mostly Book table.

I'll let you know more when I get more info - but this is way cool!

My advice today is stay away, far away from free apps - they are not free!

Be safe,

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