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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Real Info RE: Promoting Your E-Book - Amazon's KDP Select

I realize I add observations and other non-pertinent life stuff here on this blog. I think it's all important for a writer - it's not a 9-5 job where you can clock out or get weekends off. Instead it's like motherhood. Constant. So, all aspects of life play a part in your story and I think that to be aware of that builds stronger characters. Understanding personalities is essential to realistic relationships.

With that - credit going to neighbor Seth – Brent got an email about an author's blog who told his story. It goes something like this ... his sales in December were low (20-ish) on Amazon for his fiction novel. He signed up for Kindle Select and gave the e-book away for the first two days. Which accounted for 25,000 downloads! He shot to #1 in free Kindle e-book ranks. I checked his stats yesterday (not free) and he was #1,683. Still awesome.

Being in the same position as this guy ... we looked into it and didn't have the outstanding results as he did but we still had 8,000 downloads in three days. The second day was Valentine's and though I thought it would boost downloads (I do have a pink book) I was completely wrong. Downloads slowed. I guess there was a lot of love going on and not enough reading!

The other author said that he was featured on big Amazon blog sites - I looked into this but still don't know how you advertise to them about the free days. If you know ... please, pass along the info! I did get to # 61 on free Kindle e-books, #43 in fiction, #6 in mystery #3 in women sleuths, #2 in action and adventure and all day Living Lies was #1 in Spy Stories and Tales of Intrigue! Also, I sold 16 of Second Chance. Today Living Lies (not free) sold 22 and still going.

I obviously don't know what it means in long-term sales but it has gotten Living Lies into 8,000 new hands. Reader hands. We have two more 'free' days sometime in the next 86 days and I'm going to spend the time figuring out how to promote. I'm going for top ten in this next run. When I learn more, I'll give up my tips here on this blog.

It's exciting because I'm in the middle of receiving Moon Over Monsters rejection letters. My query letters stink. I'm wordy - ask my mom - how can I explain a complicated concept like man's natural need to be top of the food chain in one paragraph? Failure builds character? That sucks!

Oh, check out the Tucson Festival of Books website. I'm there both days ... but mostly Sunday.

Well, remember to love one another - no wonder I didn't get more downloads ... my own dang fault. Do people still say 'dang'?


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