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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From Bladders to Underwear - Who Is Funny Now? Bam!

Are kids more mature these days? My 6th graders are learning about the urinary system in their biology class. They had a test today and I helped with their studying. They were talking about bladders and urine without a hint of humor.
All I can say is that when I was 12, I'd have been giggling behind my hand every time the teacher talked about ureter tubes. I asked the girls if anyone in their class thought it was funny and they looked at me like I was nuts.
Today they were doing ratio tables in algebra and I scolded one because she wasn't supposed to be playing tic-tac-toe. They didn't get the joke.

Now I'm happy that they're learning so much ... but what's the use of being smart if you don't understand good humor? I'm funny, sort of. Does it count that I make myself laugh? How many people have to agree that you're funny to qualify for that label? I tell my mom all the time that funny and amusing aren't the same thing. It's amusing that she thinks she's funny. And here's a secret - if you want her to love you ... laugh at one of her bad jokes.

On a gorgeous note - David Beckham is in town! Tiger Woods is too, but he's a cheater and that lowers his attractive points while increasing his ugly ones. He can play golf but David Beckham rules in a pair of Armani underwear (I'm not in love with H&M). I might have to make it out to the soccer field and find myself a muse for my next athlete.

It's a tough job. But how else can I develop character descriptions? I sacrifice daily for my craft. We all should.

Love all,

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