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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An 8 Step Process ... or is it!

I'm just about done going through my young adult - seriously it will be ready for edit next week! Holy Moly! It's going really well but I am not ready to say Smooth Sailing, yet -- one never knows what's beyond the horizon. I've even got a title - that I'm going to keep under wraps until it is a definite go.

Every author has their own process - mine is - 1. write the outline (which really is the story - I don't do chapters stuff until later) all the way through to the end - 2. go back and fill in the story trying to use all senses and making certain the timeline is right (chapters go here) - all the way through to the end - 3. read through fixing small errors, getting rid of non-esssentials, clarifying confusing sentences and general tweeking - 4. give to the awesome and amazing Jill - 5. receive back about 10k errors to fix and one last chance to adjust anything - 6. hand it back to Jill - 7. get it back and fix for the final time, then ...  8. out of my hands - until dust jacket and the cover art, photo, marketing, book signings - you get the picture.

After all that I'm a little sad. I thought I was closer to the end ... if there ever is an end.

And as a side note -- Can I just ask all the older men of the world - Stop Using Right Guard! It stinks and it doesn't make you smell good! That spray stuff sticks in my nose, throat and I can taste it for hours. YUCK! They walk around in a aerosol bubble knocking out people along the way. Nuff said.

Great days to you,

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