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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Appreciate Time!

Why when you're an independent writer no one appreciates your time? I realize I don't have a monthly release and I don't write essays or articles so it may not seem to some that I am busy.

Today for example I call my mom - not unusual we talk daily, twice a day, three times ... whenever the whim takes hold but today! She says "I need you to come over and shred my 40 years of old paperwork."

Seriously! Suitcases of old statements, cancelled checks and even ... yes! A file titled "Worthless Receipts" - Really? I just started a new book and I've got twins, four dogs, dinners daily (which I hate) and about a thousand chores that I put aside because they're just no fun. But even my least interesting thing to do is better than shredding ancient documents!

And I love the "if you don't have anything better to do" - Yes! I have better things to do but you are my mother and ... I shredded the first of many file folders dated 1988.

Time is essential and prioritizing is crucial. But the biggest waste of precious time is having your computer crash! Happened yesterday. My husband asks, "how can I help?" Very nice but he doesn't understand my need for violence at that moment, not late involvement. Now all of a sudden it's his fault - don't know why but I'm creative and can come up with something.

How easy it is to say ... back up your work. I do, in fact that's what I was doing when I lost it! Don't judge, don't hate and don't forget to take a breath. Most likely what I lost wasn't as magnificent as I remember it to be. But now I will never know.


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