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Monday, September 26, 2011

Starting The Third Book Of The Series

On Thursday I started Book 3 of The Melanie Ward Novels. To open a new page and see that big white screen staring at me is an odd feeling. Not scary - which is what I'd think but WOW! Wow, what the heck am I going to do? And I have to get it done by ... when?

The bright white page isn't where this book starts - it started months ago, thinking about what happened to Melanie when she got back from Africa. It's not square one but ... pretty close. To put images into words, the right words is a big deal. My goal for Book 3 is to visualize every scene. Which I do but this book I want to be transported with every sentence. I want to laugh with Trish and I want Melanie to learn something ... so many hopes for her and those characters around her that have been holding steady in that white space ... the hiatus is over.

For my last two books - Second Chance and Moon Over Monsters - I had outlines waiting in the wings but not this time! And last week I was in a mood - sad? Not exactly just down and there's always something to feel about ... birthday, finishing a book, starting a new one, low sales - just a feeling of am I moving in the right direction with my life? Big, unanswerable questions. There is still residue of those emotions but ...

Happy Autumn -

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