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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cost to Benefit

Okay, so the book signing was Saturday and I did a neighborhood experiment. Background: I live in a very community oriented neighborhood - we have a name, lawns and a mixture of long-time residents and young families.

So with $40 out pocket expense and 2 hours/40 minutes of my time I set out to deliver flyers. I put them on the doors the morning before the signing. I didn't count the exact number but my estimate is approximately 250 flyers/homes.

What was I expecting? If I am honest I would say 10 people - I'm not a dreamer but even my rational mind was disappointed. 3 neighbors. That is just over 1% - but it is also three people who didn't know about me on Thursday.

So there you go -- it's an idea and if it's worth it to you and I'm not saying it isn't -- 1%.

Brighter Side - my ya is off and running. Delivered to the awesome Jill as I type - it is crunch time and as soon as she's done my job starts back up. I really hope she likes it!!

Tomorrow I am taking the day off - it's my birthday and I'm shutting down the computer - I will keep thinking because Thursday is the start of Melanie Ward Book 3!! Mentally it is all plotted out and Melanie has different adventures waiting for her.

For my 3 neighbors and those that couldn't make the signing -- Thank You! Your support matters.

Another year older and it only feels like a day,

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