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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nearly 13K Free Downloads In 48 Hours

In two days almost thirteen thousand people (world wide) downloaded Living Lies and I have to wonder ... What does that mean? It's crazy and scary. The thing is, is that it really is just a game of pricing, strategy and luck. 

My next concern, because there always has to be at least one, is that people like the book. I realize it isn't possible to please everyone but I do cross my fingers and hope it's a high percentage. There's expectations with such a catchy cover and though I was in categories with mostly men authors with war  covers I think Melanie can hold her own.

For the next couple of weeks I'm going to keep my eye on Second Chance. Not everyone emails or leaves 5 stars that they enjoyed the story but if they like Living Lies ... they'll want to read the sequel. (FYI *** 5 star comments are always, always appreciated as well as recommendations! - momentary pause for blatant plea for positive accolades.) 

And Moon Over Monsters was released on Kindle - book form will be out in May. I actually thought it would get some notice because of Living Lies free days. But sadly no. 

Remember to be kind.

Love All,

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  1. Reading back over your blogs, I have to comment on this one. (I was not able to when I originally read your blogs b/c I wasn't didn't have a profile.) I am an avid reader; primarily, of the mystery genre.I find an author that I like, and I buy and/or borrow,(from the 'ole Public Library),every single book ever written by that author. I was given the amazing gift of an iPad in January 2012 for my birthday by my Husband. I hesitantly began reading from my Kindle. I was immediately hooked, and though, I do buy actual paper/hard back books, I also download tons of books from the free book sites. Over the following months, I read twice as many books because they were so much more readily accessible on the Kindle.This is how I found,read, and fell in love with Melanie Ward. A free book by an author that I had never tried. I've bought all three now, and will keep them in my library forever. Melanie inspired me to begin writing my own book, with my own Female lead character, which I'm not sure that I would have done without meeting Melanie. My character has been inside of my head for a very long time, just waiting to be put into a format of words! I have no clue if I will even attempt to ever publish my writings, but it's wonderful to finally create the story, or give words to the story already in my head! I'm so very THANKFUL that you took the chance to give away your books, because I am one of those readers/fans who use often uses those "free" books as a way to find new authors!! Keep Melanie,her friends, and adventures coming our way!!