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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Editing Nightmares

I got back the first edited section of Moon Over Monsters. YIKES!
When I say I have a very rocky relationship with commas it is an understatement! I am being nice. I used to understand. I graduated from high school and college and am reasonably rational so why ... why is it so difficult? People say ... just put a comma where you take a breath. HA! First, when I speak I don't breathe and second ... it's not that easy.

I cannot appreciate Jill enough!

Years ago when Jill edited Living Lies the first time she gave me a list of rules - and let me just say here, I tried! I bought books with worksheets and I really attempted to learn. But this is the problem - it's all too abstract. I'm a numbers person, not to say I love math but at least it's consistent. 2+2 and all that.

I guess my point is if you're like me, don't let grammar is hold you back ... or if you're exactly opposite (and I can see this more) and you get too tied up in being completely correct you'll have a hard time finishing a book.

It is all about teamwork! We each have our strengths and we all need help. What I love about Jill is that she's honest. She isn't out there to spare my feelings or give me false compliments. I trust her. Any grammatical change she suggests - I make without question. And I'm not sucking up ... she'll never read this - if she did it would be smoother and sound better!

I got lucky. She read Living Lies and I could tell by her comments that she 'got' it - she 'got' me and my style and the characters. How do you find that? Try out different editors and don't settle on just anyone with a red pen.

Best of luck and I hope you all find your own Jill.


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