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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading Is Good For You

Reading makes you a better writer - it is my personal belief and I challenge anyone who wants to argue! I really don't because this isn't one of my Strong Feelings About Nothing. It is simply an opinion. I love to read. I love books with heart and books that are frightening and refuse to read ones that try to 'educate' me or have scenes of harming children.

From reading I learn what I like and I take that with me while I write. Because I can't please everyone my goal is to write what I would love to read. I can't go wrong if I follow that simple philosophy. But I do have to say - Sunday I went to family party and my 82 year old uncle is reading Second Chance. His daughters bought him a Kindle and he started the book over the weekend and is almost finished. It was awesome talking to him, he's excited about the characters, dislikes Finn and was laughing about something Melanie had done. How nice is that?

I know the country is faced with debt, unemployment and facing long months of hateful political ads - so we all need a break. Writing and reading can be that escape.

Also - I've been having these weird episodes where I talk about something from ... well, example - I was saying (Saturday) about when I was a kid and Scott Baio was in teen magazines and how I hadn't seen him in years. True? Well the next day on regular TV there was a movie called 'Cursed' and who was in that movie? YES! Freakin' Scott Baio!! What a bizarre'O world! So, this the thing - I'm going to try it all day long. Talking about cool stuff and see what materializes!

Here's to a winning lottery ticket (do I have to buy one for this to work?)

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