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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Query Letter (Nightmare)

I just want to go over query letter criteria.

I like to take a quick refresher - crash course - through sample letters. Remembering that no one is the same and taking the bits of advice that work for me. Then research agents. Making certain that I am sending my letter to the right person at the right agency. Taking in the tone of the website, agents bios and what books have they published. I really check out covers, titles, plot and then I go to Amazon. Because remember you are hiring them. And I know writing a query letter can feel like begging but at the end of the day I want to respect the people I work with, want to trust them.

E-mail queries are so much easier than snail mail but with that there is more opportunity for error. Double check your work before hitting send.

I'm practicing my hook for Moon Over Monsters. Want to hear?
The visions were coming nightly. Christina Casey never felt as if she belonged either because of her off the charts IQ or because as a 15 year-old she was still not allowed into a PG-13 movie.

Obviously not done. Rough. But it's a start!

Good luck,

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