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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Writing Is A Job


I'm in my office, my computer is open and the cursor is flashing ... "give me words!" Jill's pile of 150 pages of editing is at my elbow ... waiting.

But here is what I want to talk about ... Halloween. I live in a neighborhood that gets a lot of treaters. We sit at the edge of the driveway and hand out candy to hoards of people. It's fun. 75% were dressed up and that includes the dogs. It gets expensive. Candy isn't cheap. I bought 1,000 pieces and it lasted almost an hour and a half. We were out by 7:10 and people were still flowing into the neighborhood. This year the kids and parents were mostly polite but this is my problem ... I get it that people want to dress up their 3 month old and take them for a walk ... but why hold out a plastic bag requesting a piece of candy? Really can a 12 week old baby suck on a Skittle? It's obnoxious. And it takes away from kids that can actually enjoy trick or treating. So, next year all you adults with babies that can't have sweets - please – dress up your kids, have a great time and buy yourself your favorite bag of candy. But let the princesses, transformers, spidermen and bat girls have their night of treats.

I love Halloween. The weather, the fact that in 3+ weeks is Thanksgiving - everything except adults holding two pillowcases and asking for seconds. Whatever happened to shame? Maybe I'll start a petition to bring back SHAME. I'll get the old lady with a long white ponytail to sign ... the one who zipped into my parking space at Target. The one who blatantly stole and had the audacity to paste JESUS bumper stickers on her car windows. Well, I had to ask her, "Is that what Jesus would've done?"
She was the one who was promoting the King Of Kings and stealing in that very vehicle. SHAME on you old lady. Shame on YOU! People are funny.

Remember never be boring or a hypocrite or a boring hypocrite.


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