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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Backbone Is Essential When Writing A Memoir

Here is a paragraph (or two) of grievances I have with famous (or semi-famous) people who write tell-all books.

Alone with the shadow writer or with their computer they are brave. They write truths as they see it and then – And Then! – when they're out promoting this tell-all memoir and the reporter asks a question - suddenly they back pedal. "Oh, it wasn't so bad ...  I meant it like this ... here's what happened ... no! we never do retakes on my reality show ... I really do love my mother, it was supposed to be funny ... I never actually saw him take the drugs."

On and on the excuses fly.

My opinion, for what it's worth, write it and then put your backbone to use. Or forget the whole thing. But don't sit in a chair on a national morning show and fidget as a quote is being read. If you're writing to make a buck - go for it - but then don't discredit what you've written by semantics. Annoying!

Uh, oh. Is this how my day is going to continue? Time to pull out the yoga mat.

Be safe,

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