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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get Thee To The Shrink And Clear My Mind

I've been plugging along on the third book of the Melanie Ward series and this time has been rough. I had the basic plot all sorted out but for some reason it's been difficult. I can't put my finger on the problem. So yesterday I decided I must be going the wrong way. I'm not going to scrap everything I've done ... actually, mostly I am but I don't want to think about that. I'm going to have to rebuild from square one. Stinks, but the pain of forcing out words is worse.

I thought by the fourth book it would be easier. It hasn't been. I have to wonder why. Why can't I get grooving? Maybe it's the use of words like grooving that are causing the problems. Maybe it's working on Moon Over Monsters at the same time. Maybe it's that I'm trying to work from home. Maybe it's none of those things or maybe it's all of them.

This book I want Melanie to be happy. I really am tired of those books where the protagonists are always in the dumps. It's a good time for her, really. She's free. Free of Finn, free of men and back doing the job she loves. But even writing this I have this gut-twisting feeling. What is that about? Maybe I should send Melanie to a psychologist and find out why she's being so uncooperative.

Okay, I know I was only kidding but ... I like it!!! Hello Book 3!

Anyway, spent the morning getting the neighborhood Christmas lights in order. Thursday is Thanksgiving and my oldest twin is off at school rehearsing for her monologue this evening. Nice.

Enjoy the weekend,

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